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Your kitchen worktops are arguably the most important surfaces in your entire home. Aside from setting the tone for the kitchen’s interior aesthetic, the countertops have a telling function to play. As such, the choice of material used is absolutely vital. Quartz worktops are a popular solution that can bring many rewarding features.

Here are just five of the most compelling reasons to choose Quartz worktops for your kitchen.

Aesthetic versatility
Appearances are an important part of your kitchen design, and it’s important to find a worktop material that suits your personal tastes as well as the layout and dimensions of the room. Quartz is available in many designs such as Snowdrift, Concreto, Platinum Stardust, Nova Scotia, Calcatta Noir, and Euphrates. With so many colours and patterns on offer, finding a suitable option for your kitchen, regardless of whether it’s a traditional or modern setting, should be an easy task.

Consistent appearances
While many kitchen worktop materials look fantastic in the showroom, they don’t always provide the desired look once installed in your home. This is due to inconsistencies between batches and boxes, especially when working with granite. Quartz guarantees a consistent appearance, which is particularly ideal if you are decorating a large kitchen or may want to complete further upgrades further down the line. Even when the contrasts between different batches of other materials are small, it will annoy you despite the fact that guests probably won’t notice. Avoid this by choosing Quartz.

While the financial aspects aren’t the most important ingredient in the recipe for a successful choice, it’s vital that you take your budget limitations into account at all stages of the process. Quartz isn’t the cheapest kitchen worktop material on the market, but it is still cheaper than a lot of stone materials, not least because you can have a relatively slimline solution rather than thick slabs. When combined with the affordable long-term care, it is one of the kindest solutions to your bank balance.

The Quartz stone material is as durable as granite and concrete, but brings the added benefit of not chipping or cracking easily. Whether it’s a busy home kitchen environment or even a commercial one, this is a key attribute. The properties also provide a better touch than the other stone materials. Even if a problem did occur, the consistent appearances would allow you to treat the issue without needing to replace all of the countertops. If nothing else, it’s a feature that provides peace of mind.

Minimal maintenance
Finally, Quartz stone ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum. It has heat resistant properties while it also prevents bacteria growth to help it stay clean and safe. Furthermore, Quartz doesn’t require ongoing sealing maintenance. This makes it a particularly suitable option for anyone that wants an easy (and affordable) long-term solution. Once installed, you simply need to clean the worktop as normal and you’ll be destined for sustained glory, to find out more about maintenance, take a look at our last blog about this topic. In turn, the kitchen will remain the king of your home for many years to come.

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