Isn’t it great to see an end to lockdown? Celebrate Easter and finally allowing yourself to be social again with a kitchen makeover! Everyone knows that Granite and Quartz are the perfect options for lastability, whether you’re modernising a space for yourself or your tenants. You’ll be pleased to know then that we won’t be beaten (like for like) on price so if you have one or a hundred properties in your portfolio, Worktop Warehouse is easy on your budget. Call or e-mail any time and we’ll be glad to help and advise.

This month in March, we’ll include a free sink for every order over £2000 so now’s a great time for a re-fit.

Here are a few tips for property owners and landlords.

Save Money – Granite is Durable

If you’re looking for a countertop that will let you do everything you need and still last a very long time then granite is the answer for you. This material is one of the toughest out there since it’s not easily damaged by heat, spillage or general wear and tear.

Granite doesn’t deteriorate over the years, meaning you’re unlikely to find that your worktop is discolouring or crumbling in places. So not only are granite worktops cost effective, they also last so long that you won’t need to purchase new ones anytime soon! If you watch Homes Under the Hammer on BBC, you’ll occasionally see an old marble Victorian fireplace in all it’s glory just like the one in the image below. Granite and Quartz never truly ages or deteriorates so definitely consider it as part of your next upgrade.

Save Time – Granite and Quartz are Low Maintenance

Because granite worktops are easy to clean and maintain, you won’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of them. Simply wipe clean any surface that’s endured a little spillage and your countertop will remain healthy and beautiful for evermore.

In addition to this, granite is also an extremely hygienic material, meaning you can effortlessly keep it free of germs and bacteria. It’s very tempting for us to create a Blog just about the fact that polished Granite and Quartz never absorb liquids so they’re effective against viruses but it seems a little insensitive so we won’t. It’s common sense that unlike wood or veneered surfaces, polished stone is much easier to take care of and keep clean.
Enjoy! – Granite is Versatile

Granite countertops are one-of-a-kind. Their surfaces are almost reflective, and this glossy feature makes them look attractive, modern, and clean. With a huge variety of patterns and colours, granite lends itself to any interior design – whether you want your kitchen to be more traditional or contemporary-looking, granite can help you achieve or complement that style with ease.

For savvy property investors

Granite worktops don’t lose value over time, especially if well maintained so, besides being a stunning choice for any kitchen, they’re also a sound investment for the future.

From all of us at Worktop – Happy Easter! We hope you have a fantastic time and keep us at the top of your list for your next makeover. We’ve designed and developed kitchens for celebrities, landlords and quite possible your neighbours to. Take a look at our Instagram for more inspiration.


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