Your kitchen is the heart of your home and probably one of the places where you spend most of your time as a family, that’s why it is important to treat it with love and care, and give it your best when it comes to regular maintenance and cleaning.

So, if you’re here because you’re looking for the best tips and tricks on how to clean your kitchen or you’d just like to know which is the easiest to maintain type of worktop, grab a cup of coffee and let’s go through some important cleaning methods depending on your kitchen worktop material.

Oily and dirty kitchen worktops should be tackled promptly. Moving your appliances and cleaning that surface regularly will keep your kitchen worktops spotlessly clean at all times.

Quartz, Corian and Granite Kitchen Worktops

Natural solid and man-made surfaces can be kept clean by wiping them down with hot, soapy water or by using an efficient all-purpose cleaner with disinfectant. To dry the worktop surface, you can use paper towels or a clean kitchen towel/ cloth. If you’re dealing with stains, a cream consistency cleaner or a simple paste made of water and bicarbonate of soda, is really efficient.

Wood Kitchen Worktops

Just like the Quartz, Corian and Granite worktops, the wooden kitchen surfaces can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water or a wood specific all-purpose cleaner. When it comes to stains, Cif cream or any other similar product can do the work perfectly. Keep in mind that with this type of kitchen worktops, it is important to re-oil them, every three months to avoid staining and water damage.

Stainless Steal Kitchen Worktops

With Stainless Steal Kitchen Worktops, fingermarks could become a challenge. The best way to tackle it is by dabbing the surface with a clean cloth and a few drops of cooking oil or baby oil. A general clean of your stainless steal kitchen worktops can be easily done with a solution of washing-up liquid and drying it with a soft cloth.

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