Worktop Warehouse Kitchen Christmas Makeover

Getting ready for your Kitchen Christmas Makeover.

The spirit of Christmas truly begins with decorating your home for the holiday. A tree covered with shiny baubles, bright winter garland, glittery ornaments, and sparkling lights might adorn your living room, hall, and garden. But have you thought about adding a touch of seasonal cheer to your kitchen? It’s time for some cool Kitchen Christmas Makeover tips with Worktop Warehouse.

Here are some cool Yule decorating tips to bring the festive mood into the heart of your home:

  • First, decide upon your festive style. Will you choose contemporary chic with extra sparkle for a modern? How about light kitchen or traditional festive warmth with a touch of rustic earthy elegance for a cottage kitchen? Coordinate your festive colours so that table cloths, chair seat covers, tea towels, aprons, and curtains match the decorations and theme.
  • Then, determine if there is room for your Christmas Tree. If your kitchen can’t accommodate a floor-standing tree, an alcove or window shelf for a miniature version would suffice. Dress the tree with little food-related treats such as chocolate coins or chocolate liqueurs to keep the cook happy.
  • Further, add a little sparkle here and there. Fill jars with glittery baubles or twinkling beads. Secure a string of fairy lights around the window, cupboard doors or along a shelf. Hook little shimmering Christmas tree ornaments or sparkly stars on cabinet knobs and kitchen hooks.
  • Furthermore, if you have a kitchen island or breakfast bar, add a Christmas display as a centrepiece. Make your own using pine cones, evergreen foliage, and candles or buy a ready-made display to suit your taste. A Christmas plant, such as a poinsettia, can bring a flash of festive colour to your worktop.
  • Furthermost, hang an evergreen Yuletide wreath by a window or on the door to welcome in the spirit of the season. Trim with gold or berry red ribbon. The word ‘wreath’ is thought to derive from an English word meaning ‘to twist’, as in a circle. Although it has several meanings, it generally represents the turning wheel of the circle of life.
  • In addition, your kitchen might be more than just the festive food preparation hub. It might also be your dining room where family and friends gather for the season’s feasts. Dress your dining table with Christmas-themed place-mats, napkins, garland, LED candles, crackers, and baskets of sweet treats to create a welcoming space to eat.
  • Finally, no kitchen scene is complete without some Christmas Carols and joyful festive pop classics playing in the background to put everyone into a cheery mood. Another rendition of Jingle Bells, anyone?

These little festive touches will create a convivial atmosphere and ensure that your kitchen truly sparkles this Christmas, bringing warmth, a little magic, and good cheer into the busiest part of your home.

From all the team at Worktop Warehouse, may we take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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