Worktop Warehouse Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

There’s nothing quite like a set of Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips to refresh your kitchen and make it a more efficient space.

Spring is here! A relief from the long winter that kept us confined in our homes. It’s the season for birds and butterflies in the gardens and parks. But it’s also the season of dust and pollen in the air that instantly enter our household. Our living rooms and bedrooms get most of the spring cleaning. A lot of home owners pay less attention to the importance of doing spring cleaning in the kitchen as well. The kitchen is one of the many places in our homes that get dirty too quickly. Thus, it is equally important to give it some thought with regards to its cleanliness. Worktop Warehouse has some of the best Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips for your household.

Here are some quick guide to keep your kitchen spic and span:

  • First, declutter. Spring is the perfect time to clear out, clean, and reorganise your cabinets, food pantry, and fridge. Get rid of half-empty packets, food that has passed its expiry date, and any item that you haven’t used (and have no intention of using). Deep clean each space by wiping down shelves and clearing up spillages. Once each storage area is clean and dry, restock with food. Organise your pantry making sure that the most commonly used items are accessible, and that food that needs to be used up soon is visible at the front of your shelves.
  • Second, deep clean the oven. It’s one of the least-liked cleaning chores but a clean oven will look and perform better. There are different preparations you can use to clean your oven but simple baking soda and vinegar can help remove grease and grime.
  • Third, check and clean appliances. Make sure food processors, mini ovens, toasters, and other small kitchen appliances are clean and in good working order. Also, check the cables for signs of wear, and wipe these down with a cloth to remove any grime and dust. Empty the crumb tray on your toaster and, if needed, descale your kettle.
  • Fourth, wipe down your worktops. Remove everything from your counter surfaces so that you can clean up crumbs, oil spills, and dust.
  • Fifth, clean windows, doors, sink, and floor until they look like new. Pay attention to curtains and blinds. Do they need replacing? Move furniture where necessary to mop the floor underneath. Remember to wipe down skirting boards.
  • Finally, decorate your revived kitchen. Add a vase of spring flowers to your windowsill or counter. Refresh table cloths and tea-towels. Websites like Pinterest


Once you’re finished, give yourself a nice cup of tea and a cake. After all that work, you deserve a treat while basking in the sparkle of your super-clean kitchen.

If after your spring clean, you discover that your worktops are worn and need replacing, give Worktop Warehouse a call on 0161 222 8487 and let us use our enviable experience to help you choose a worktop that you’ll love.

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