OMG! Who else is offering all this in 2020?

1. We import all our own stone direct from the people who dig it out of the ground for us!

Good news for you: we cut out the middle men as well as we cut out your sink so all those HUGE cost savings get passed on to you.

2. We’re suppliers, fabricators AND installers of Quartz, Granite and Coraline.

Good news for you: Since we have the in-house capability to all three, we’re no reliant on anyone else to outsource part of the labour. Streamlining processing in this way saves time, meaning you get your project delivered much faster and we can give you extra guarantees on the craftsmanship because we supervise it all ourselves.

3. We’ve started a new web chat service and we have more staff to help you.

Good news for you: When you make an investment to improve your home, you want it to be worth it. You’ll have questions, want to shop around for the best deal and might not want to make a commitment right away. At Worktop Warehouse, we have a growing, thriving team to guide you through every step of the way. This now includes an online ‘Live Chat’ service so you can learn more about your options before even picking up the phone. But if you’re like us and you love to talk, call our number and we have experienced stone professional and the end of the phone just waiting to hear from you. Since we’re passionate about stone, we’ll give you tips on how to make savings here and there and help you choose the best products for your projects. We’ve been working with homeowners and professional landlords for many years and are confident we’ll save you time and money, while providing a super-fast service and gorgeous finish.

4. We’re getting famous! Previously we were unheard of, now we’re featured in OK Magazine and some of our installations have made it to TV.

Good news for you: our success is your success. Our team is bigger, we’re rapidly expanding and we’ve invested almost £200,000 this year in new machinery and technology to improve our workflow. This means you get a better service from us than you could with other suppliers in your area.

5. We’re still unbelievably fast, reliable and great at what we do.

Good news for you: Sometimes, when companies make positive steps forward, they forget why they came into the industry in the first place. Not us – our big sell has always been on Quality, Speed of Delivery and Service. That’s why…

Where quality is concerned: we still ship, supply and fit only the best quality stone. It’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on everything.

Where speed is concerned: we still go all the way from Survey to Installation in JUST 5 DAYS!

Where service is concerned: we still charge nothing extra for the site survey, producing the plans with you and installing your dream installation

Look out for a slew of great review and testimonials in the future. We’ll feature them on the site soon. If you like what you’re reading right now and are considering something new for you or your friends, here’s how to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you : )


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TELEPHONE:0161 22 8487

From Survey to Installation in Just 7 Days!