Worktop Warehouse Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Why do you need quartz for your kitchen worktop?

When you invest in a kitchen worktop you want to be sure that you make the right choice to suit you and your style. Quartz is really popular right now but it’s more than a passing trend. Here are five good reasons why a quartz surface is an excellent choice of worktop for your kitchen.

  • Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet, second only to diamond. That’s why its strength and durability makes it a perfect surface for a busy kitchen. The engineered stone, comprising of over 90% quartz aggregate bonded with polymers and resins, produces a finished counter that is incredibly strong and simply beautiful by design. If you need a counter that will stand the test of use over time, choose quartz.
  • A quartz worktop is non-porous and completely sealed. That means your kitchen surface is easy to keep hygienically clean. There is nowhere for dangerous bacteria to hide, which makes it perfect for food preparation.
  • Unlike granite, a quartz surface doesn’t require periodic sealing – not ever. It’s practically maintenance free. You can expect impressive performance as the worktop surface resists stains, scratches and chips. With the minimum of care, your counter will always look good as new.
  • Looking for a colour and design to suit your kitchen style? No worries! Expertly engineered quartz offers a fantastic array of options and an exciting range of colours to suit your theme. If you want the swirl effect of marble or the natural feel of granite, or whether you want your work surface to sparkle or prefer a more subtle finish, quartz delivers.
  • There’s no doubt that quartz is visually stunning and will ensure that your kitchen is the talking point of your home. More importantly, a quartz worktop is built to last, which makes it an excellent investment that will add value to your property.

Don’t think quartz is the right choice for you? Find out more about our granite worktops.

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